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Service and compliance

Security, patch management, encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and physical security are just a few examples of the solutions we offer in compliance as a service (CaaS). Further services may include risk evaluations, monitoring, and reporting, audits, certifications, and consultancy...

Collaboration Solution

We offer specialized end-to-end consultation, deployment, and managed services to help organizations turn their workplaces into digital ones with varying features like web, video, and audio conferencing, as well as chat, IM, presence, file and screen sharing and even project management capabilities...

Electronic Security

With a wide range of intrusion, fire, video, access, and integrated systems & services, MEHBUB has established a solid reputation as one of the biggest and most reliable security companies...

Digital Signage & Queue Machine

We use technologies such as LCD, LED, and Projection to display digital images, video, streaming media, and information in public spaces; transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, etc, to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising with an enhanced client targeting...

Cyber Security solution

Using simulations of opponents powered by threat intelligence and detailed analysis of the backend infrastructure of highly networked devices, exposing vulnerabilities in the firmware, network, and application layers, we seek to defend against unauthorized access, data theft, cyberattacks, manipulation, and other online threats on computers, servers, mobile devices, and networks connected to the Internet. Early detection of security vulnerabilities reduces their impact before it becomes evident and safeguards your infrastructure from further threats...

Network and Data Center

Full-stack networking and security virtualization platforms are used to provide a wide range of data services in network, server, and storage infrastructure; Achieving speed and agility. We provide a holistic view of the entire data center network allowing our customers to approach network troubleshooting or capacity additions fully informed of all dependencies

Application Development

Our application software developers are industry-specific technology experts with many years of combined experience delivering interoperable, and flexible web & mobile applications for all kinds of industries while; making the best use of resources while considering the user experience, extremely goal-oriented and cooperative, guaranteeing on-demand application scalability and adhering strictly to reporting and transparency thorough testing before going live for quality assurance.

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